“25 & Wastin’ Time” – Vincent Neil Emerson’s Brand New Single

Welcome to a brand new exclusive feature here at the Country Music Armadillo! This is something we’d like to do regularly moving forward, giving you, our friends, a chance to hear brand new music before it is released to the world for a limited time!

The times and content on these will vary. Sometimes they will be singles. Sometimes they will be albums. The amount of time these sneak peeks will run, like the content, will also vary. They will all be 24 hours or less.

I want to stress that this is a privilege, not just for you to listen to, but for me to bring to you. I will be working closely with artists and management to coordinate these promotions and I don’t want to be giving their music away for free by leaving it hosted here for extended amounts of time. These are meant to entice you to learn more about what you hear, to share great new music with people that you know will want to hear it, and get you ready and excited for the official release of the music we’re showcasing.

So if you like what you hear (or you know someone who will,) absolutely share these with your friends, because if you’re reading this the clock is already ticking before it disappears!

Hear Vincent Neil Emerson’s Brand New Single “25 & Wastin’ Time” Below!

Vincent Neil Emerson – “25 & Wastin’ Time”

Sorry! You missed the window to hear the song! Keep on the lookout for album release dates and pre-order info!

I was introduced to the stylings of Vincent Neil Emerson last fall through a facebook video posted by his manager, the man they call the Rural Sultan. my immediate reaction upon clicking play was “Alright. I’m in.” Just a few days later I got to see him open for Colter Wall in front of a huge sold out house. If I hadn’t already been in that night would have been enough to push me over the edge.

Vincent is someone whose talents are immediately undeniable, both live and from the studio. There’s a special air about this Texas product with the unique sound and infectious energy.

And he’s young, friends. Real young. There’s a lot of great years of badass music ahead from Vincent, and I hope you all are all in on him just the way I am because this cat has a bright future and I can’t wait to see and hear everything he does.

Many thanks to Travis Blankenship for making this deal happen for all of us!

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