Our Mission

Terry Jennings

This is an image I posted on Facebook because it resonated strongly within me, and it stands as a reminder of why I started this venture.

I, just as so many countless others, have grown tired of the state of mainstream country music, and starting The Armadillo was my way of pushing back against that broken system.

The truth is, I used to follow other similar outlets. I won’t mention names simply because I don’t want to start any trouble, but there are a bevy of websites out there who are also pushing back against the mainstream country, but they are, in my opinion, going about it all wrong.

Countless many times I have gone to these sites and I have seen articles, editorials, and memes where they just rip into some artist for an album or a song, or something they have said, and I came away feeling unfulfilled, wondering what purpose the spewing of hate actually achieved. I once read a scathing, wordy review of a Luke Bryan song and I found myself going “Gee, this sounds awful. I’ll have to take a listen for myself.”

And there I sat, listening to a Luke Bryan song by my own choice. It was a big moment of revelation for myself. Even though I didn’t like what was passing through my ears at all, here I was committing a view to this song on youtube. It was in many ways a sad moment, because I had come to realize that I had been played. I didn’t listen to the song because Nashville told me to, I was listening because someone had told me how bad it sucked. And even though the song was terrible, I was still listening to it, which is all Nashville wanted all along. I had played right into their hands, even while trying to rebel against them.

The simple, yet ugly truth of this age is that any and all promotion is good promotion. It doesn’t matter if it’s a positive or a negative promotion of something. The recording industry doesn’t care if you think something sucks, just as long as you pay attention to it. They don’t care if you make an insulting meme of one of their artists, that’s just free promotion for that artist, because someone is going to see that meme, or see that bad review, or see you say something disparaging about that artist and say “Well I have to check that out myself!”

So here at The Armadillo you will never see me review a Luke Bryan album we all know I’m going to dislike before I ever push play. You’ll never see me write an article about something dumb Florida-Georgia Line says or does. You’ll never see me share a meme that bashes an artist, or insults their work. I want change in country music. None of that will bring change. Any publicity is good publicity.

I dislike pop country as much as anyone. In fact, show me someone who dislikes it more and I will eat their hat while I shake their hand. But I will NEVER promote it. (I already feel dirty for as much as I have promoted it in this piece alone!)

Promote what you love. Not what you hate. Maybe if the other outlets out there spent as much time promoting what they love instead of bashing what they hate there would be a little less of what they hate and a little more of what they love.

Definitely some much needed food for thought in this day and age of country music…

Thanks for reading!

~The Armadillo