Album Spotlight: “Heavy And Western” – The Comancheros


The Comancheros album, Heavy & Western, was released on November 23rd, 2018. The southern rock band hailing from Columbia, Missouri consists of front man Tanner Jones on electric guitar and vocals, Bradley Hutchinson on electric guitar, Kyle Imgarten on the bass and steel guitar and R. Michael Cook on the drums. The eight-track album consists of all original tunes and has a variety of lyricists from the group. The primary writers on the album are Tanner Jones and Michael Cook. A friend of the band, Lance Loyd, wrote the song “Bobcats and Beer Cans”, a tune that was inspired by a picture he saw of Tanner’s dad. The album Heavy & Western is just that. One side Heavy, and one side Western.

The first track on the album, “Time Machine” comes heavy with the southern rock, electric guitar riffs that defines The Comancheros. “Time Machine was written about Michael and I’s father and grandfather’s trucks. Michael didn’t like this song at first”-Tanner Jones.

It’s a good thing that Michael came around on this number. It has the foundation and all the elements to perfectly be the leading track on this album. “When the World Stops Making Sense / And You Don’t Feel Much at Home / Just head Across That Old Mill Bridge and Ride on Up the Road.” This tune has it. The Heavy on the electric and the western on the lyrics.

The next tune on the album that needs to be highlighted is “White Trash Throne.” This song brings more heat with the continues electric guitar riff throughout the tune. The kick drum adds the element of a classic southern rock flavor. Then, add in what the song is about. Growing up in the Midwest, this song speaks to those of us that have spent any amount of time driving the backroads of rural middle America. “Just a Trailer on the Hill / Surrounded by cars…” is the “White Trash Throne. The song is simple but yet brilliant and will leave a smile on your face as you listen to it over and over again.

The third and final song to be highlighted for the review is a tune off the album called, “Ain’t Nowhere I’d Rather Be.” This tune is a reflection. A bit of a sad song, a bit of a happy song, a bit of a song about being content with where one is at in life. It’s western. It’s the Comancheros. It’s raw and it’s real. A song of hope for those that feel down or lonely. A song that lets us know that it is alright to reflect back on things from time to time and realize that it is ok to be where you are at in the world. It’s a song about the band and the hours of hard work that has yet to lead to the glitz and the glam. “At the end of the night/ When we pick up all our gear / We head down the road to nowhere / And I think all the ones I hurt / The ones that hurt me / Wonder if I hadn’t / Where the hell I’d be.” Give it a listen. It’s a good one.

Heavy and Western is definitely an album to put on your playlist if you are fans of The Steel Woods, Skynyrd, or anything both Heavy and Western. All tunes on this production are worthy of an ear and should be distributed to the masses for a serious listen. Songs like “Preacher” that is a tribute to one of the bands influences, Willie Nelson and “Shoot Me Down” which has a Tom Petty vibe to it, add a special element to the southern rock sound of this album. Go preview it on your favorite streaming service, then grab a copy and support the band by purchasing a physical or digital copy.

The Comancheros are coming off a monster year. They played the Tumbleweed Country Music Festival and they have shared the stage with Randy Rogers and Drake White. The Comancheros have released two singles this year, “Time Machine” and “He Was a Preacher” along with a music video for “Time Machine.” They have been all over the show me state and are primed and ready to expand their reach and touring capabilities. They will be headed to Tulsa, Oklahoma on December 20, 2018 to open up a show for Jackson Taylor and the Sinners. The event is also the launch event for our friends over at Death Before Pop Country on Facebook. Go over and give that event and page a big thumbs up and follow. Go support this album so that these fellas can get out on the road and provide you with one of the best live shows in the business.

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