Album Spotlight: “Live And Not OK At Cain’s Ballroom” – Jake Flint

Photo courtesy Melissa Payne
Photo courtesy Melissa Payne

Jake Flint is set to release his live album, Live and Not Ok at Cain’s Ballroom, on all digital platforms December 1, 2018. The album will also be available to order on CD and features a magnificent layout by Oklahoma musician Kalyn Fay Barnoski and photography from the live show by Melissa Payne Photography. The album was recorded live on location by Jeremy Grodhaus at the Historic Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, OK on August 17th, 2018. The album is produced by Jake Flint and mixed and mastered by Joe Hardy. Live and Not OK at Cain’s Ballroom will be released in both a non-explicit and explicit version. We don’t do censorship here at the Armadillo, so I am going to god damn fucking review the shit out of the non-edited version of this motherfucking recording.

“Well my name’s Jake Flint. Y’all don’t know who the fuck I am, but your fuckin’ about to.” Those are some of the first words spoken through the mic as Jake Flint and his bandmates took the stage at the Cain’s Ballroom on a hot August night in Tulsa, Ok. Before this show, and right up until the soundcheck, Jake had no idea that he would be recording this gig at all. Let alone for the possibility of a future live album release. Instead, he asked the house sound man, Jeremy Grodhaus, to record the show for personal playback. “I offered him a little dough to bounce me off a recording after the show, just so I could review game tape and improve our live show, but it turned out great!”-Jake Flint. Turns out, Jake liked the recording so much that he wanted to pursue the opportunity to have it mixed and mastered professionally. “The Guys nailed it and it was a really good high energy set…”-Flint. Jake and the boys more than fucking nailed it. They recorded a top-notch live album from a historic venue.

Live and Not Ok at Cain’s Ballroom consists of a ten track, twelve song, set from Jake Flint and the band. Seven of the tunes are original writes or co/writes by Flint. Five of the tunes from the Cain’s Ballroom are kickass covers that includes one of the best live versions of the 1979 Hank Williams Jr classic, Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound.” The set included a six-minute rendition of his 2017 debut single on Texas Red Dirt Radio “Cowtown.” This must hear live version was written by Flint and co-produced by renowned Oklahoma artist/producer, Mike McClure. Flint and the boys also hit a home run on this set with his up-tempo tune, “Long Road Back Home”, also co-produced by McClure for the single release earlier in 2018. You will be able to feel the energy of this live production from the very first second that Flint speaks into the microphone until the very last chord. Jake is primed and ready to put himself into a position to be a successful headlining act in the very near future! Go have a listen to this record on your favorite digital platform or visit and grab the hard copy CD. Either fucking way, get it.

Photo courtesy Melissa Payne

The live album features:
Jake Flint-Lead Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Jacob Dement on Backup Vocals and Electric Guitar.
From Jack Waters and The Unemployed;
Mike Satawake on Electric Guitar,
Luke Mullenix on the Bass
Jack Waters on the Drums.

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