Album Spotlight: “Words We Mean” – Annie Oakley

Annie Oakley is set to release their second full length album, Words We Mean, via Tulsa’s Horton Records on October 12th, 2018. The group is an Oklahoma City based Americana band, fronted by twin sisters Sophia and Grace Babb on vocals and guitar. The third member of the band is the exceptionally talented Nia Personette on violin and vocals. Although the members of the trio are still very young, they are rightfully considered a veteran group within the Oklahoma music scene. The group released their first, self-produced, EP Annie Oakley back in 2013. “Their flawless vocal harmonies and sharply observant lyrics led to Rising Star and Oklahoma’s Choice: Best Band awards in 2016 and coveted official showcases at Southwest Regional Folk Alliance in 2016 and at Folk Alliance International 2017.” Words We Mean has been in the works for three years and follows “…the all-girl band from youth to womanhood through songs with remarkable artistic range.”

The first track on the album, Pomp and Swell, has also been released as a single and music video. The tune itself is a lyrically wonderful and magnificent tune about love and friendship. “you’re all of my good friends all in one place / I cry when we’re naked the tender we face / we talk of the babies not yet to come / the luck that’s upon us / the cities we love.” Have a look at the video to get a feel for the love that is expressed in the lyrics and also to get a feel for what this group is all about. “The music video shows the important figures in a well-loved life, deep friendship, tender romance, and familial bonds.  The video shows happiness, laughter, and sweetness, in an attempt to tell the story of our luck as loved individuals.” This song is rightfully first on the record, as it sets the listeners ears to the right amount of mellow, kickass harmonies that you are about to embark on throughout the rest of this production.

The songs on this album are very personal stories and life events as told by the sisters on an individual songwriting journey. Once the lyrics and music has been written, the sisters will collaborate with each other to fine tune the instrumentation and vocals for each song. You can feel the chemistry that all three of these young ladies have with each other. They have been writing, singing and performing together since the age of fourteen, and a year later they were joined by their friend Nia on the violin. The listener will instantly be able to feel that strong bond through each song on this album as a result of the music, the vocals, and the pleasing, soul shaking harmonies that each have contributed to this record.

Words We Mean is a 12 track LP that flows from the first track to the last like a monarch butterfly gliding to enchanting harmonies, through the refreshing spring air. The tones are perfect, the lyrics are true. Songs such as Into the Light, written by Grace, talks about enduring love. “I felt an overwhelming sense of love for someone I’d only known for a short time,” Grace explained, “but I knew the feeling was potent.” If I Were A Ghost is a reflection about the loss of the twin’s father at an early age and the grief that it had caused their mother. “People who come out to hear us live will hear songs that cut to the bone because they come out of real-life events and relationships,” says Sophia.

“This album is the culmination of a lot of hard work and perseverance, and we think people are going to be blown away by the lyrical depth, beautiful harmonies and dynamic song craft,” says Brian Horton, President of the nonprofit Horton Records. I can agree with Mr. Horton. This album is all of everything stated above and more. It can sincerely be stated that this group has provided an absolute gem of an album for their current listeners and for the new ones that they are going to influence along the way. Go out and get you a copy of the album on your favorite listening platform. If you enjoy the likes of artists such as First Aid Kit, I’m with Her, and/or The Milk Carton Kids, then Annie Oakley is for you. If you haven’t heard of any of these bands, then Annie Oakley is still for you. Go see for yourself. This is true original music that cannot be passed up. Get it on your playlist.

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