Armadillo Show Extra: The 2019 Tumbleweed Fan Vote Finalists

The final round of the 2019 Tumbleweed Fan Vote is set to begin this Monday April 1st for ticket holders and we here at the Country Music Armadillo put together a SPECIAL EDITION of the Country Music Armadillo Show featuring music from 9 of the 10 finalists, and quotes about what it would mean for them to play Tumbleweed! The top two advance to the Main Stage Thursday May 30th so take some time to listen to the show so you’re ready to cast your vote when the time comes!

Thanks again to everyone for participating in this despite the short notice! Best of luck to everyone involved, we can’t wait to see who gets the chance to join the 2019 Tumbleweed Lineup!

Head on over to the OFFICIAL TUMBLEWEED WEBSITE for all the info you’ll need!