Artist Spotlight: Jamie Lin Wilson

Photo Credit: Sean Payne

Article by Sean Payne

Fresh off The Hangover Ball at the Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, Oklahoma the night before, Jamie Lin Wilson was setting up for a performance in Springfield, Missouri. The small, intimate venue, Southbound Bar and Grill, was beginning to fill up. A buzz was in the air in anticipation of a great night of music featuring Jamie and her friend BJ Barham with his band, American Aquarium. I approached Wilson while she was on stage setting up and we exchanged quick introductions, and Jamie made sure that I had zero issues with media access. Jamie was nice, very genuine, and made me feel welcome in her work space.

As I faded back into the crowd and waited for the show to begin, it was brought to my attention that Wilson was having some issues with her voice. She had gone back to the hotel and she again appeared at the bar with a hot drink in hand. Likely, a remedy to help soothe her vocals. Jamie took the stage, solo at first and later joined by the bandmates of American Aquarium. From the moment that she strummed the first chord and sang that first note, there was zero evidence of any vocal issues at all. In fact, Wilson’s voice was just as breathtaking and enthralling in person as it is on her new album, “Jumping Over Rocks.”

Jamie Lin Wilson currently resides in D’Hanis, a tiny town on the Seco Creek in South Texas, close to San Antonio with her husband Roy and their four children. The youngest of which is just a baby, has spent much of his early life on the road with Wilson. A hardworking singer/songwriter and mother, Jamie was taught to be independent while growing up on her parents’ horse farm in Sealy, Texas. “My dad used to tell us that we couldn’t ride by ourselves until we could put a saddle on by ourselves, so we figured out how to bring the horse to the water trough and put the saddle on together,” she recalls. “We were only like 6 and 8, but we figured it out, and my dad’s like, ‘Well, all right, have fun.’ So, all of a sudden, we had wheels. We used to ride our horses to our friends’ houses, even across the highway, two or three miles down the road.” This independence has given Wilson a set of skills that I was fortunate enough to witness after her set concluded. I was envious as I watched her work the work. Talking and chatting with anyone and everyone that was willing. She’s genuine and as real as a person can get. Horses and her upbringing in small town Texas has played a major role in sculpting who she is as a singer, songwriter, and as a person. “Horses teach you how to deal with people, how to approach certain situations,” she says. “You don’t know what you’re getting into, whether it’s a horse or a 2-year-old child. They gave my brother and I a lot of confidence and independence.”Musically, Wilson is a very late bloomer to the game. She did not pick up a guitar until her college years at Texas A&M. Within a short time, she was writing songs and playing side gigs with the Gougers. They went on to release two albums and an EP while playing live gigs extensively. In 2009, Wilson performed at MusicFest with friends Kelley Mickwee, Liz Foster and Savannah Welch. The trio did so well with their performance, that they went on to form a group called the Trishas. The Trishas would go on to become very popular on the touring circuit, and they would go on to release an EP in 2010 and an acclaimed album in 2012 titled, “High, Wide & Handsome.” During her time with the Trishas, Wilson would release her own solo EP, “Dirty Blonde Hair”, in 2010 and later her debut full length album, “Holidays & Wedding Rings”, in 2016. Her newest album, “Jumping Over Rocks”, was released on October 26, 2018. Though the album was released late in the year, it was considered by many to be in the running for album of the year across many critic and media publications. If you have yet to listen to this production, get it. It truly is all the hype and more as Wilson proves that she is one of the best songwriters in the business today.

Photo Credit: Sean Payne

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