EP Spotlight: “Dandelion Woman” – Joe Stamm band

While on the ground at Tailgate ‘N Tallboys last summer I had a chance meeting with Joe Stamm. We stood and talked for several minutes about music, and the way things have been going in the last couple years. He mentioned to me that he was releasing an EP in the fall with his band, and we exchanged business cards and I told him to get with me closer to release.

He held his end of the bargain up, and even though I’m super late with this one (it’s been a crazy fall around the Armadillo HQ) I’ve finally gotten around to getting this review for the release written.

A driving, almost bluesy beat charges out of the speakers introducing itself to you on the title track of the new EP from the Joe Stamm Band “Dandelion Woman”. Joe’s smooth, sharp vocals join the music flawlessly, singing about the wrong kind of woman to fall for. It’s a well written song using good imagery, balancing it with storytelling painting the picture of the “Dandelion Woman”. The beat picks up and drives hard throughout the song, accentuating the consequences of finding out you’ve been duped into believing your weed was a flower.

The Joe Stamm Band will be at Tailgate N’ Tallboys 2019 as a part of the June weekend!

The second song on the five song release comes at you from a very different direction. Very quiet and deliberate, “Fetch Me” is an introspective track where Joe’s vocals take center stage. Accentuated by some good fiddle work that track shifts gears entirely from the first song and shows the kind of depth Joe and the band are capable of.

The EP picks the beat back up in “Midwest Girl”, an ode to the girl at the show with an eye for the lead man, and how he’s all too willing to buy what she’s selling. It’s a rowdy, upbeat and fun song that keeps the mood light, and the beat driving.

Up next is maybe my favorite song on the release, “American Freeborn Kids”, a rollicking song about how we’re all different and that’s ok. There’s also plenty of lighthearted humor in the song which I appreciate. Sometimes songs about the dividers we put between ourselves can come off as a little too preachy, which folks don’t tend to respond well to, but with a line about “Beyoncé wiggling her big ‘ol tushy” this one keeps it from being too heavy.

The release finishes up with the most romantic track “First Saw You”. A duet with Tasji Bachman, the song paints a strikingly accurate portrait of love and relationships: the little things that we do that aggravate our significant others, and yet somehow there are still those special moments where you see that someone and once again you’re just as smitten as ever with them. Stamm and Bachman’s voices contrast and blend well as they trade verses and eventually come together as one. The song is a very strong finish to the EP.

“Dandelion Woman” is a really good EP. I’m glad Joe and I were able to cross paths the way we did over the summer, and I’m glad to present this collection of songs to you all. I think if you all take the time to stop and listen to them you will appreciate them as well.

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