Live Review: The Vandoliers

Blue Note OKC. February 23, 2019 – The Vandoliers rolled into OKC straight from their hometown album release show in Dallas, Texas.  The six-piece band consists of the fiery storytelling of front man Joshua Fleming, Mark Moncrieff on bass, the animated Guyton Sanders on drums, Travis Curry, dressed for success if he was looking for a job as a 70s car salesman on the fiddle, Dustin Fleming on the electric lead, and multi-talented trumpeter and on the keys for the evening was Cory Graves. The live performance can be summed up in two words: Fucking Fantastic.

Photo Courtesy Melissa Payne

The album “Forever” was released the day prior to the OKC show in the band’s hometown of Dallas. The band formed in 2015 and have previously released two albums, “Ameri-Kinda (2016) and “The Native” (2017) on State Fair Records. The third album “Forever” is the groups Bloodshot Records debut and is full of a new frontier of Texas country-punk. The production is a throwback of Texas Red Dirt but carries the sound to refreshing new heights. It’s twang and tattoos, grit and guitars, honky-tonk and horns.

“I wrote a series of songs about my life and gave it to the best musicians I know to flesh out,” says lead singer and guitarist Joshua Fleming. “I spent over a year writing by myself, with friends and mentors, and we spent just as long filling out arrangements and writing scores. We wrote horn and fiddle parts on a trio tour through the mountains of New Mexico, Wyoming and Montana.”

Gallery Courtesy Melissa Payne

This album has the feel of a new movement within the Texas music scene. Traditional country lyrics with the rowdiness of a young rebellious punk band, mixed with those familiar sounds of traditional Mexican music through the horns and keys. “Forever” by The Vandoliers is a game changer in the current music movement. Try and find a genre for this one without dotting one of your buddies in the eye. I bet you can’t, and furthermore, I’m willing to bet that it doesn’t fucking matter, because the sound and lyrics on this album is nothing less than genius.

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