“Loose Change And Feelin’ Strange”: The Outlaw Resurgence Tour Special Announcement

Dorr, MI Dec 31st 2018 – Independent music promotional entity Outlaw Resurgence (https://www.facebook.com/OutlawResurgenceMusicPromo/) is proud to announce their upcoming concert series “The Loose Change And Feelin’ Strange” tour, coming this spring!

“Outlaw Resurgence has been providing a platform for independent artists and musicians to get in front of new audiences and fans for a couple of years now, and this is an exciting new medium for that,” explained the head of the project Amanda Carlon. “We’re always looking for ways to get new ears for artists. We started by providing a platform for live feeds, and by promoting albums, singles, videos, and live dates, and now we want to take it a step further and put it on the road.”

Poster Designed by brother JJ Waters of Honky Tonk Heroes

The tour will feature a wide array of musicians and artists, touring the Midwest, South East, and East coast. They are not yet announcing any names, but according to Carlon “We’re packing some serious firepower.”

The tour will feature multiple lineups in a wide array of venues. “Bars, honky tonks, barns, kitchens, we’re looking to display these talented folks wherever we can get them set up,” Carlon explained. “We want to get these shows in front of appreciative ears that will love this music.”

When asked where the inspiration for the idea came from Carlon answered “There’s all these stories of the guys like Cash, Elvis, and Jerry Lee hitting the road on these package show type tours, and they were wildly successful for them all. It helped introduce audiences to all kinds of new talents and it really was instrumental in creating some legacies.”

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If you are interested in booking a date for the Loose Change and Feelin’ Strange tour contact Amanda Carlon at outlawresurgence@gmail.com