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Last year brother Cecil Allen Moore told me he was working on an interesting film project called “Buckshot”, providing several of his own original songs to the score of the film about an young man trying to break into country music, and a grizzled veteran trying to wash out. For obvious reasons I was immediately interested in the project, and I awaited it’s release eagerly. Much to my appreciation the good folks behind the film, via brother Cecil, reached out to me to review the film, and I’m proud to have been given the honor to do so.

Buckshot tells the stories of young Charlie Stillman, an aspiring country music singer following in the footsteps of his father, Karl, and Buckshot Thomas, a grizzled hit writing and performing veteran who seems to be coming to the end of just more than his career.

Charlie packs his guitar, and a book of songs by his father and heads to Nashville to begin his own journey. The road is rocky from the start as Charlie tries to imitate the tired “bro country” style to a crowd who weren’t interested. Hearing of a showcase being put on by a big-shot promoter his father once knew, Charlie tries to use his father’s connection to get a spot in the showcase. Things don’t get much better for Charlie, as he finds that his father hadn’t left the best reputation in the music business.

Eventually Charlie finagles himself a chance on the showcase if he can drive the pistol named Poncho toting Buckshot Thomas from his home in Seattle down to his final show in Nashville in an RV. From the moment they meet the clash of personalities is apparent. Charlie quickly learns about life on the road from the senior Buckshot through some of their misadventures. As their journey continues the two delve deeper into getting to know each other. Charlie, eager to learn from Buckshot makes a deal to do just that as their journey continues more out of control than ever towards Music City.

It’s a fun story that preys on emotions in the right areas. It’s a story that has been lived and re-lived many times over. It’s a simultaneous glimpse at what things are like when breaking into music, and when the end of the road seems near. It’s a story of two humans who share the same passion struggling to find a common ground with those passions as the world bears down on them relentlessly.

The music in the film is fantastic. The film was inspired by a love of true country music, and features collaboration with the likes of the aforementioned Cecil Allen Moore, Mike and The Moonpies, and the Sickstring Outlaws featuring Ron Houston. It features new material from Cecil, as well as some alternate takes of his existing material exclusive to the film.

Funny, witty, touching, and honest, Buckshot is a story pulled straight from the tour bus and played out in front of you, and one that won’t fail to leave an impression on you.

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  • August 22, 2018 at 2:36 pm

    Thanks for the review . It was an amazing experience bringing Buckshot Thomas to life . Truly a dream come true fo this native Cincinnati guy.
    Hope y’all enjoy taking this journey with us and tell your neighbors
    Thanks for watching
    Tim deZarn ( Buckshot)

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