Terry Jennings Passes Away

Wise words imparted on me by Terry Jennings (Pictured on the right) that has become part of the mission statement here at The Armadillo

It is with a heavy heart that we have to pass the news that Terry Jennings, son of Waylon Jennings has passed on to the next chapter. Terry Jennings was the CEO and founder of Korban Music Group LLC, a full-service management, consulting and publishing company. Mr. Jennings was well known for his varied experience at all levels of the music business, including management of major label acts, since 1972. He was introduced to the business at an early age through his work as production manager for his father, Waylon Jennings. He has also worked for booking agencies, publishing companies and as a talent scout for major label companies, including RCA Records. As a member of the Jennings family, he has been involved in the music industry his entire life, and – over the years – he was given the opportunity to become personally acquainted with most everyone in the business.

His son Josh made a statement via Terry’s Facebook page this afternoon:

Hello everyone,
This is Terry’s son Josh and with a heavy heart I am here to inform you all that my father passed earlier this morning.

He lived an adventurous life as many of you know and he has accomplished so much. I was always proud to be his son.

I know he touched many of your hearts and he always enjoyed sharing his life adventures and lessons with you all. I still hold many of those lessons with me everyday.

This is a hard time for all of us, and I ask that you give the family and I some peace as we are dealing with this great loss. 

Thank you,

-Josh Jennings

His latest endeavor was an excellent autobiographical memoir published in 2016 entitled “Waylon: Tales Of My Outlaw Dad”, a critically acclaimed rare look at growing up as the son of the legendary Waylon Jennings, and later managing many aspects of his Waylon’s career out on the road.

His younger brother Shooter Jennings also issued a statement following the news of his passing this afternoon:

So sad to see ya go, Terry. I love you. 
My brother Terry turned me onto Alice Cooper, The Moody Blues, Cream, Zeppelin and more. He was that older brother who had the killer record collection and the wild streak. Having one for him today.

i listened to “Love It To Death” last night as I was going to sleep in Terry’s honor. 
Sad day.

-Shooter Jennings

I was fortunate enough to speak with Terry on several occasions and he was always a very humble, intelligent and kind individual. He was a wonderful storyteller, and his book is a must-have for any Waylon Jennings fan. He was always willing to tell a story, or provide some wisdom gained from his years in the music industry.

The entire team here at the Country Music Armadillo wish the Jennings family and friends our condolences and best wishes through this difficult and sad time.

Thank you, Terry, and goodbye.

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