The 2018 Country Music Armadillo Awards

Welcome to Armadillo Awards Season 2018! We had a lot of fun with these last year and we’re looking forward to doing it all over again this year!

We’re going to kick off the nomination announcements this year on November 30th when we announce the 10 Nominees for our most prestigious award Artist Of The Year! The nomination suggestions will run for a week prior.

After both internal discussion and reader input we have decided to enact a rule to prevent repeat winners in the Artist Of The Year category from one year to the next meaning last year’s winner (Cody Jinks) will be ineligible for a nomination this year. We decided to observe this rule to help protect the integrity of the award by preventing it from turning into just a popularity contest. Obviously this year it makes for an awkward situation because Jinks certainly deserves a nomination as much as anyone, but in the long-term interest of these yearly awards we feel that enacting such a rule is the best course of action.

The “Armadillo Spotlight” award Nominees will be announced December 14th. This award replaces what was the “Up And Comer” award of 2017. It is designed to acknowledge an artist or band who has made a significant gain in their career during 2018, but didn’t quite make the Artist Of The Year Nominees. There will be 15 Nominees in this category.

We will announce our 10 Nominees for Album Of The Year on December 13th.

Nominations for Song Of The Year will be announced on December 12th.

One of the requests we’ve had the most with this year’s awards is to split the Photo Of The Year category into two parts: Amateur and Professional. We’re going to allow users to enter either category at their own discretion, though if we feel the need to re-classify an entry into one class or another we will make that decision. We are going to once again ask that people post no more than 5 submissions per category, and each individual will only be allowed to have one photo nominated. The Nominees for Photo Of The Year will be announced December 12th.

The final category of the 2018 Armadillo Awards will once again be the Event/Moment Of The Year award where we recognize the most significant event that took place in 2018.


The voting for the 2018 Armadillo Awards will begin right here on the website DECEMBER 15TH! Once again we will be using a Google Form for submissions. To cast a vote you will be required to log into a google account. This is done in an effort to preserve the integrity of the voting process. Voting will remain open for 10 days through 11:59 PM EST on Christmas Day.

The winners will be announced in a post right here on the website on New Year’s Day as we close the door on a badass 2018 and ring in a brand new 2019.

Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for Nomination Suggestion posts. The Artist Of The Year nominations will open tomorrow and run for one week. The rest of the Nomination Suggestion posts will open once we have that category all decided.

2017 was a really difficult year to decide Nominees and Winners in. 2018 stood up to the challenge and has produced a significantly more difficult set of decisions for us.

Get ready friends, the 2018 Armadillo Awards are coming, and they are going to be intense!